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New users to the crypto space might be confused by the variety of crypto terms and phrases; Here is a list of important terms to help you gain a full understanding of the crypto ecosystem.  

A location from which you send and receive currency. It’s a string that contains numbers and letters.

A campaign where crypto coin is distributed to the selected target group, such as current currency holders.

An abbreviation for “alternative coins” that describes any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.

AML is international regulation that describes measures to be takes to prevent individuals and organizations from laundering money via crypto.

It occurs when a major crypto loses 20% or more of its value, and its price continues to drop.

The first, most popular, and most valuable cryptocurrency. It uses a BTC abbreviation.

A sequence of digital information units known as blocks. They form a distributed ledger system that’s a bas for crypto coins.

It occurs when a major crypto value goes up constantly. The unofficial rool the rise should be at least 20%.

An open-source blockchain platform that uses ADA tokens.

An abbreviation for centralized finance.

A type of cryptocurrency exchanges that includes the platform as a trusted intermediary.

An abbreviation used for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

A hardware wallet that keeps cryptocurrency in secure offline storage, such as on USB drive.

Platforms where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another or FIAT money.

A process of acquiring cryptocurrencies by using computers to solve cryptographic equations and add transactions to a blockchain.

A concept where you receive rewards for holding a certain crypto or doing other actions required by the program.

The place where you store the keys to your cryptocurrency – it can be hot (software) or cold (hardware).

Encrypted writing that ensures only the planned recipient can read the message. It guarantees transaction security in crypto world.

A financial system that operates without an intermediary.

An abbreviation for decentralized finance that doesn’t require an intermediary.

This abbreviation describes a decentralized crypto exchange.

These are currencies only available in electronic form, which means you can only access them with PCs, smartphones, and other devices.

A database that serves as a base for blockchain. Multiple participants from different places share it.

The second-biggest cryptocurrency platform used for various decentralized applications.

A security that tracks crypto, bonds, or stocks. You can sell it like a single stock.

Fiat money is a currency supported or issued by a government or another authority. It comes in physical and electronic forms.

An abbreviation for the “fear of missing out” and an important consideration when trading crypto.

A chain split that makes another version of the same blockchain, and these two chains can run simultaneously.

An abbreviation for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt.” FUDsters use it to affect particular crypto by spreading false or negative info about it.

It’s a situation where the reward per validated blocks is split in half.

A physical device wallet that stores cryptocurrencies in an offline form.

Stands for “Hold On for Dear Life” – It describes a strategy of holding a certain investment for a long time despite …

A wallet whose management is in the hands of a third party.

You use this test to confirm if a particualr asset is a type of security.

It’s an abbreviation for Internet Computer, a decentralized network based on blockchains.

An overall price increase that comes with decreased purchasing power of money.

A project launch that focuses on people who want to contribute to a platform with their skills before money.

It’s a crowdfunding process where companies use cryptocurrencies to raise capital.

The first time when a company lists shares on the stock market for the traders to purchase.

ICE is a US company that acquires and runs worldwide exchanges and clearing houses.

Standards implemented to protect from money laundering, fraud, and corruption.

Giving money to another party under agreement they will return it later.

Market Capitalization or Market Cap, is the entire capitalization of the crypto coin’s price and a method of ranking cryptocurrencies.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) are pieces of digital content linked to a blockchain

In blockchain infrastructure, it’s the primary unit that stores information.

A transaction that doesn’t happen on a crypto exchange, such as a private trade.

Trading one crypto coin for another, such as ADA to BTC.

Market Capitalization or Market Cap, is the entire capitalization of the crypto coin’s price and a method of ranking cryptocurrencies.

A connection and interaction between multiple parties on a distributed network without an intermediary.

A connection and interaction between multiple parties on a distributed network without an intermediary.

A scam where someone pretends to be a trustworthy person or institution and tries to discover sensitive financial or personal info of …

This fraud scheme involves using new investor funds to issue purported returns to existing investors.

All assets owned by a person, financial institution, or hedge fund.

A code used to decrypt data stored by a public key.

This consensus mechanism uses identity as a stake to secure faster transactions on a blockchain

A consensus mechanism important for a blockchain integrity.

A type of a Proof-of-Stake that aims to secure consensus via staked validator nodes.

It determines the way of interacting on the network. Protocol involves transaction validation, consensus, and the network’s part on a blockchain.

A set of letters and numbers that convert plain text to ciphertext for encryption purposes.

A pseudonym for the person or institution that made Bitcoin.

It’s a fraud that aims to take someone’s crypto, fiat, or other assets.

SEC is a USE government’s independent agency that regulates the nation’s security industry, stock and options exchanges.

A string of symbols used to gain access to a crypto wallet.

Self-executing contracts that store the buyer and seller agreement terms on a blockchain without requiring a third party.

Taking part in the PoS system to validate blockchain transactions with your tokens and get rewards.

A. Migrating a crypto token from one blockchain platform to another. B. Exchanging a crypto coin for another token.

It refers to the assets that a particular protocol uses at the moment.

A decentralized financial system that serves to exchange crypto coins.

Price changes of a particular asset, such as crypto coin.

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