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Best 5 Crypto Portfolios

If you want to build a good crypto portfolio, the secret lies in balancing your assets well. That might be a tricky task in the crypto market since it’s famous for high volatility. Learn more here
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If you want to build a good crypto portfolio, the secret lies in balancing your assets well. That might be a tricky task in the crypto market since it’s famous for high volatility. 

Once you figure out the basics of this world and begin making a portfolio, here are some tips that could help:

  • Bitcoin rules the market. Forget about total diversification and make sure at least 50% of your portfolio consists of BTC. This is a coin that dominates the entire market, and most experts agree that long-term growth is a guarantee.
  • Altcoins don’t need to have a long lifespan. If we observe the crypto market, we see that many smaller altcoins disappear after several years. Even if they were among the top 20 a couple of years ago, they could go bust. That’s why it’s imperative to choose altcoins for your portfolio carefully.
  • Read about different currencies. Figure out what the purpose of particular crypto is and the plans the developers have for it. If the project seems encouraging, you might consider adding that coin to your portfolio.

You can apply various strategies for building crypto portfolios. The crucial thing is to stay on top of your assets, which is why you need portfolio managers. Check out our selection of trackers and tools that can help monitor your assets!

  • CoinStats

If you plan on connecting accounts from multiple crypto exchanges and wallets, CoinStats is convenient to track them all from a single screen. This platform offers a convenient way to trade on multiple platforms from one website. 

It’s also possible to use your fiat money to acquire crypto and monitor price fluctuations. That means CoinStats doesn’t only help to monitor your assets but also build the best crypto portfolios.

  • Kubera

Kubera isn’t just a good crypto portfolio manager. It’s a platform that helps you track all your assets, expanding to stocks, properties, and bank accounts worldwide. The website will even estimate your net worth in a localized currency, which is a nice touch.

As for crypto, Kubera supports different chains like Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum. That secures support for many currencies, wallets, and exchanges. You also have the option to add the tokens manually to manage them easily.

  • Coin Market Manager

Advanced investors will appreciate the features offered by the Coin Market Manager. You can manage even the biggest crypto portfolios since it’s easy to connect multiple accounts to this platform. The website can import your trade history and allow simple sharing.

Coin Market Manager offers useful trading tools, such as a calculator and important stats. It supports spot tracking and offers derivatives tracking with in-depth analytics. This makes CMM one of the most versatile portfolio managers out there.

  • Vig.io

Vig is another tool that’s not only a crypto portfolio manager. It will help monitor and organize all your assets, including crypto, ETFs, stocks, earnings, etc. The platform provides a variety of powerful trading tools, such as real-time alerts and live-stock charts.

You can work with various market indicators like Max Pain and Gamma Exposure on Vig.io. The watchlist is useful for those assets who don’t make your crypto portfolio but could be a wise addition in the future. Overall, Vig is a true all-around tool that beginner and expert traders will both appreciate.

  • Altrady

Altrady is an app that will impress you with its speed. You can connect multiple crypto exchange accounts smoothly and manage coins from a single dashboard. 

But that’s only the beginning because this app offers rich trading features. From advanced automation to tracking your positions and asset performance, you’ll love the available options on Altrady. It’s even possible to activate the market base scanner that helps build the best crypto portfolios currently available.

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