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How to Earn Crypto Rewards?

These programs are an excellent way to boost your portfolio with minimal or no investment. If that sounds tempting, here is more info about crypto rewards!
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How to Earn Crypto Rewards?

Can you really earn free crypto? Yes, if you participate in reward programs. Many exchanges and platforms offer these deals to motivate you to join or act in the crypto market.

Our experts devised this crypto rewards guide to tell you about the opportunities to earn digital currencies. These programs are an excellent way to boost your portfolio with minimal or no investment. If that sounds tempting, here is more info about crypto rewards!

What Are Crypto Rewards?

This term refers to the rewards you receive in the form of cryptocurrencies. The rule is that you need to take a specific action to receive your reward. Depending on the program, that could involve:

  • Registering on the platform
  • Referring a friend
  • Buying something with fiat or crypto
  • Reading about crypto
  • Signing up for airdrops
  • Completing milestones and tasks on crypto platforms

Main Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Shopping Rewards

Some platforms might award you for purchasing something with crypto. But there are also services like Lolli. They are intriguing because you use fiat money to buy items online. Once you complete the purchase, you receive some BTC as a reward. Depending on the item you bought, the Bitcoin Back value can be up to 30%.

Credit Cards

Crypto exchanges like Gemini have their exclusive credit cards. They have a rebate program where you receive a portion of your purchase back in crypto. The rates vary, but these are a great way to boost your trading portfolio.

Registration and Referral Bonuses

Platforms offering bonuses for registering and using their site isn’t anything new. The crypto market adopted this trend in recent years. You might receive a small cash bonus ($5-$10) to acquire and trade crypto depending on the exchange.

You also get a boost when you refer a friend. The terms depend, but you usually activate this bonus when your friend deposits to the platform. The bonus is for both users and varies from $10 to $50 or more.

Interest on Your Crypto

You might find lending programs on many platforms. These involve lending your crypto to institutions for trading purposes. It’s riskier than holding crypto, but it generates a higher interest rate. Depending on the currency, you can earn 7% or more annually.


Airdrops involve offering a currency to attract investor attention and increase the coin value. This doesn’t always succeed, so it’s important to accept the risk. That’s especially true when the airdrop requires you to invest to receive coins. The received currency usually doesn’t have much value, but it might be worth a shot in the long run.

What Platforms Give Free Crypto?

Crypto exchanges and websites are launching new reward deals regularly. Here are some popular free crypto offers to use:

  • Voyager. The exchange gives you $25 converted to BTC once you deposit at least $100.
  • eToro. This site is more demanding but also more generous. If you deposit or trade at least $5K, you receive a $250 bonus.
  • Crypto.com. If you have a referral link, you can expect a $25 sign-up bonus in CRO.

Airdrops are another way to earn free crypto. You need to monitor the market and sign-up for the currency making an airdrop. If you qualify, you’ll receive tokens at the time of the event.

Earn Crypto Passive Income: TOP METHODS Revealed!! (Credit: Coin Bureau YouTube Channel)

Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto Platforms

If you are a beginner looking to learn about digital assets, you surely won’t mind earning crypto in the process. Some platforms decided to motivate newbies to discover more about these markets by offering rewards.

Here are the three top learn crypto – earn crypto concepts.

  • Phemex. It only offers basic lessons so far, but it’s a good way to get a head start when trading crypto.
  • Coinbase Earn. This platform allows earning different crypto by reading about how they work.
  • CoinMarketCap Earn. This network is another way of getting some promising digital currencies by learning about them.

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