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Bitlox Wallet


Bitlox Wallet Review

The World's ONLY Standalone Secure Hardware Crypto Wallet

BitLox setup (Credit: BitLox YouTube Channel)

Bitlox – Top Standalone Crypto Wallet

When securely storing your cryptocurrency (crypto), you have the option of online “hot” wallets or offline standalone “cold” wallets. One of the leading brands in standalone crypto wallet technology is Bitlox.

Many users in the crypto industry rate Bitlox as one of the most secure standalone crypto wallets on the market. The Bitlox crypto wallet consists of an almost indestructible titanium casing and consists of many innovative security features.

The company, Bitlox Limited, produces a variety of models and connects over most operating systems and online platforms. Moreover, they offer impressive customer care via email or phone, and they include detailed guides for setting up your wallet.


Bitlox Details

  • Company: Bitlox Limited based in Hong Kong
  • Launched: 2015
  • Offers Bitcoin Fork support
  • USB chargeable
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Compatible with multiple Operating systems (OS) including Windows, Mac, Android, and Chrome OS
  • 25g and 4mm thin
  • Random number generator
  • Multi-layer pin protection
  • Full Alphanumeric keypad


Bitlox Pros and Cons


  • Multiple security features including hidden wallets, multi-layer pin encryption, and mnemonic code
  • Weather-proof, shock-proof, and almost indestructible titanium casing
  • The device ensures complete anonymity
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • Recovery features such as mnemonic phrases. Over 100 wallets that can each generate millions of addresses
  • Internal transaction fees calculation


  • Bitlox is only compatible with Bitcoin
  • Very high price tag
  • New users may find Bitlox tricky to navigate


How does Bitlox Work?

Bitlox is a hardware cold wallet that securely stores your Bitcoin offline. Removing your Bitcoin out of online exchanges is one of the safest ways to secure your Bitcoin from hackers. Furthermore, you will never expose your private keys as Bitlox provides complete control during transactions.
Let’s break down the levels of security features to see how Bitlox protects your digital assets.

First Level:

The first level is the generation of a 4–8-digit PIN and a 12-word mnemonic recovery phrase.

Second Level:

Here, an 18-word mnemonic phrase is generated, and then users can create a PIN of up to 20 characters.  

Third Level: 

This level produces a 24-word mnemonic phrase.
For each transaction, users must enter a PIN. Also, there is a PIN to open the device and a PIN for each wallet.

Bitlox Features

For a small device, Bitlox contains an impressive array of features.

E-paper display

E-paper displays reflect light like physical paper. The display screen on Bitlox displays shows the alphanumeric codes and the QR codes.

Bluetooth capabilities

Bitlox has Bluetooth connectivity, which connects the device with the Bitlox mobile app. Bluetooth allows you to use your Bitlox on the go.

Bitlox Firmware

Here, users can confirm the authenticity of Bitlox’s software codes, as all its firmware is open-source.

Hidden Wallets

One of the key features of Bitlox is the hidden wallet function. The hidden wallet function is an advanced security feature that generates many hidden wallets to improve protection. Users allow up to 50 hidden wallets, each with its open access PIN.

Advanced anonymity features

Bitlox has increased anonymity features other than the offline functionality of the crypto wallet. During any transaction, only the public address from the wallet displaces in the blockchain network. Your data is never revealed.

Advanced features include connecting through a Tor network using a Tails operating system.


Bitlox is one of the market leaders in crypto wallets and offers impressive security features. The wallet provides a simple way to make transactions while encrypting every step of the process. Bitlox comes in a variety of models and is small enough to fit in a credit cardholder. Bitlox will be a worthwhile investment to secure your digital assets.


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